Quality Assurance

Corporate Services Associates have been coordinating customer research and mystery shopping projects locally and internationally for more than five years. All programs are designed to assess, address, and correct all of the critical factors that directly impact the customer service experience.

Whether you are a business with a single shop or one with several branches, how do you know if your vision and values are being faithfully followed at every site? We can provide answers to:

How well your facility meets corporate standards

How well employees are meeting or exceeding company standards

Only CSA offers many unbiased research tools, activities, and other observational research methods that will allow your business to excel operationally, such as:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Quality Audit 
  • Surveys Analysis
  • Merchandising Assessment


"Lesley-Ann is the consummate professional. confident, great time management, flexible, knowledgeable without being arrogant, willing to share her knowledge and experience, a team player and a great strategic thinker. One of my favorite professionals in the consultant industry." 

P. Cole, LIME




It's OUR Business To Help YOUR Business.



Through careful research and monitoring, we can:

  • Help you ensure that your operations comply  with internal standards
  • Create quality experiences for your customers
  • Recommend programs to ensure customer retention

CSA uses employee surveys and other customized research tools to help you understand how your employees perceive your brand . With this data, we can provide insight into how management can best support the needs of its employees.

To fully understand your business, you need to understand your employees, including:

  • How do their attitudes impact the customer experience?
  • How do their perceptions impact margins?
  • In short, are your employees driving sound business operations?

When research into these questions is conducted, CSA can provide a global view of your business, including an overall assessment of your successes and areas for improvement.


"In 2006 I joined Accent Marketing Jamaica (Cable & Wireless call centre) as a Quality Analysis and had to undergo training in this field.  Lesley-Ann was patient, professional and thorough when imparting the information.  Her training was beneficial in that I was able to apply what was taught on a day to day basis. She is creative,deeply conscientious and professional." 

P. Dixon




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